Saturday, October 18, 2014

Review: Land by Alex Campbell

A Dystopia which doesn't shy away from important issues
Title: Land
Author: Alex Campbell
Publisher: Hot Key Books
My ratings: 3 out of 5 stars
Released: 4th September, 2014
This debut novel written by Alex Campbell revolves around Christy who lives in a city called The Land, which is surrounded by seas with only the great white walls protecting them from the ever increasing sea. Land is a dystopia, so we have the the government and a class systems leeching off the poor working class, the different classes are made to wear different colour to further distinguish between the classes. Christy is the daughter of a rebel who was executed by the government but there are rumours that he is alive. With rebellion brewing, her life partner being chosen by the government, Christy is soon embroiled in the politics, rebellion and soon finds herself torn between love, and loyalties.

The premise is quite interesting and the concept of the pairing is fascinating. I went into the book with an open mind, and was rewarded for it. I liked reading from Christy's Point of view and the people she cared and loved. I felt for Christy as everyone and everything that she loved was taken away from her and soon she had absolutely nothing. Her life unravelled and she had no control over it.

The various other character were interesting with a special mention to Salinger, added another layer to the drama. Though I liked the writing and the plot I wish a few plot lines were given more importance. I am still not sure what purpose Tobin's character had, and it's unclear what Christy thought of him. I wish there was more emphasis on the romantic plotlines.

I would also have to commend the author for not taking shortcuts and describing scenes which usually YA authors shy away from like death and childbirth. I liked that Alex Campbell unabatedly showed the atrocities of unplanned pregnancy and the horrors of childbirth. In fact some fighting scenes were quite graphic, which made the blood thirsty in my giggle with glee.

Overall, Land, was a interesting, though invoking dystopia, with a sweet romantic plotline and gory action and a ray of hope.

Review copy received from Hot Key books, UK


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