Tuesday, October 14, 2014

ARC Review: Darling Beast (Maiden Lane #7) by Elizabeth Hoyt

A new flavour and spin to a historical romance.
Title: Darling Beast
Series: Maiden Lane
Author: Elizabeth Hoyt
Publisher: Piatkus Books, UK
My ratings: 3 out of 5 stars
Releasing: 14th October, 2014
Darling Beast is my second book by Elizabeth Hoyt. I have read To Seduce A Sinner and was blown away by the emotional depth she had managed to pack into a story which was basically a historical romance with a marriage of convenience. Therefore I went into Darling Beast with high expectations.

Apollo is Viscount Kilbourne, who has been condemned for murder and been sent to Bedlam. Now escaped, he is hiding in a burned Foley, working as a Gardner, to bring it back to life. Here he meets, Lily, an actress who is living in the ruins of the Foley with her son and her maid. A chance encounter leads to more and slowly, Apollo forms a bond with lily and her son Indio. Soon both him and Lily can't deny their attraction for each other, but can a condemned man, wanted for murder, ever get the happiness he craves?

While the premise was interesting, the story did not entice a lot of interest from me. It was refreshing to read a story where the heroine was not a virgin and the hero was not your classically handsome rake. Apollo was rough around the edges, so much so that Lily's son, thought that he was a huge, hulking monster.

While the characters were likeable and the plot mildly interesting, Darling Beast failed to make an impression on me. It was pleasant while reading it but as soon as the book was closed, it left my mind just as promptly.

The chemistry between Lily and Apollo was a little lacklustre and the plot was predictable. I felt that the most interesting character of them all was the Duke of Montgomery who was elusive and untrustworthy.

Overall, Darling Beast was an enjoyable read if unremarkable. It entertained me while it lasted but lacked the magic which would make me revisit any time soon.

Releasing on the 14th of October, 2014

Review copy received from Piatkus Book, UK


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