Tuesday, March 11, 2014

ARC Review: Decepetive Innocence (Pure Sin #1) by Kyra Davis

Gripping plot and a dark heroine
Title: Deceptive Innocence
Author: Kyra Davis
Series: Pure Sin
Publisher: Gallery Books
My ratings: 4 out of 5 stars
Releases: 24th June, 2014
With an intriguing synopsis closer to a thriller than an erotica I was hooked. IT starts with Bell trying to befriend Lander, a rich successful son of a business man. She intends to get into his bed and destroy him and his family so extract revenge for what they did to her mother.

The story had me turning the pages like an addict. There was sexual tension and some more between Lander and Ball. I loved their interaction and Bell’s monologue. It was clear that she had started to fall for him but her own darkness was pulling her back. Bell as a character was dark and depressive. Her personal vendetta was what made her tick and I loved that about her. She was this abyss of darkness and bitterness which every-thing she did and every thought in her mind was her revenge. She was driven and stubborn.

Lander on the other hand was a mystery which I’m yet to solve. He was your quintessential erotica male lead rich, successful, attractive and dominating. However she somehow too had this edgy darkness to him which was hinted but never fully revealed. I read this on Netgalley and the book came in three parts. I read the book in chunks and was eagerly waiting for the last part of the book. Each part ended in some manner of a cliff-hanger and it kept me on the edge of my seat.

The writing was cohesive and the plot seems to be tight. I am still not sure how Kyra Davis will take her characters but nothing is as it seems. The was fast paced and filled with thrilling moments which had me biting my nails as to see what will happen in the next scene.

The ending seemed a little anticlimactic to me. It sort of ended on a note as to there was more to come. I mean there better be more in the forthcoming books are there were tons of threads unresolved.

Overall, Deceptive Innocence is a cleverly writing, gripping erotica which gives you hope that erotica can be intelligent too. Bell was such a hard character, especially since she had gone through so much that I felt sorry so how she was slowly getting more and more entangled in her web.

I’d recommend it to erotica virgins (*wink) and anyone one who likes a sensual, thrilling and mysterious read which makes you do a double take on this genre.


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