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Arc Review:When the World was Flat (And We Were in Love) by Ingrid Jonach

Love that surpasses time and space
Title: When the World was Flat(And We Were in Love) Author: Ingrid Jonach
Publisher: Strange Chemistry, UK
My ratings: 3 out of 5 stars.
Releases: 3rd September, 2013
Tom Windsor-Smith waltzes into a small town in Nebraska where Lillie Hart lives with her hippie mother. As with any small town school, everybody is curious as to who this new guy is. Tom is mysterious and broody and to top it all off he is not only gorgeous but is instantly popular. Lillie who had had trouble sleeping at night due to nightmares cannot help but get fascinated by him. She doesn't not want to be like every one else and run after the new guy but she is inexplicably drawn to him.

At first I really enjoyed When the World was flat( And We Were in Love). The small town setting in Nebraska where everyone knows everybody and every little misdeed is reported and gossiped about was interesting. I found Lillie an interesting character. She was strangely normal compared to her mother and the life she had grown with. She had good friends and loved reading their interactions. When Tom made an appearance I was thrilled. With his hot and cold attitude and mysterious looks, he was an enigma that I wanted to solve. That point no one could have pried this book off me. Then the final 100 pages came and everything sort of went funny. I use the world ‘funny’ in a lose way because this house of cards came tumbling down for me.

The Sci-fi dimensions introduced to was it’s downfall. Since the mystery was revealed all things that I loved about Lillie dissipated into thin air. From independent, funny and real, Lillie turned into a needy, weepy, selfish and angst filled girl who could not see anything apart from Tom. The romance which had slowly built up through the book and simmered until I was ready to burst suddenly left me scratching my head. The factor that was meant to make this book different had me confused when I had to stop a few times and think what I just read in the other page.

Overall, When the World was Flat (And We Were in Love) is a good book in its core. It started off really well but at least for towards the end it sort of lost it’s sizzle. Lillie was someone everyone could identify with and Tom was to die for. I’d recommend it to fans to Fantasy Teenage romance fan who like enigmatic,dark mysterious boys and love that transcends time and dimension.

Releases on the 3rd of September, 2013  
ARC provided by Strange Chemistry, UK


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