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The Bone Season (The BoneSeason #1) by Samantha Shannon

Brave new world where nothing is as it seems

Title: The Bone Season
Author: Samantha Shannon
Series: The Bone Season
Publisher: Bloomsbury, UK
My ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars.
Released: 20th of August, 2013
Paige is a dreamwalker. She can access human minds and find out their deepest darkest secrets and that’s what she does for a living. Working for a crime lord where people with talent like hers are hunted in London. When she is captured, she is sent to a ‘camp’ to work for the Rephaites and this is where she meets Warden. Seeped with mysteries and with whispers of a rebellion Paige tries to find her footing and learning whom to trust and who is not what it he seems.

Written with a first person’s point of view, The Bone Season crafts an interesting character out of Paige. She seems a little distant at first but over the course of the book, I slowly warmed up to her. One scene almost brought tears to my eyes finding how lonely it must have been for her.

The Bone Season has received a lot of critical acclaim for it remarkable world setting and plot building. I was pleased that Paige was new to the world of Shoal as was the reader so that the world building was unravelled with time.

My favourite part was getting to know Warden. He is a character with hidden depths which was a mystery to decipher. I love reading about characters that cannot be trusted. The lines are blurry and the writer keeps you guessing if he is good or bad or is it that simple after all.

I enjoyed the setting on an Alternative London and Oxford with alien creatures and imposing governments. The side characters were colourful and their background stories brought them at the forefront.

The plot was well written and I was sitting on the edge of my seat (literally, the bus was packed) during the ending.

The Bone Season is an excellent debut with a gripping story line; fascinating characters, vivid world building and a brave heroine which will make you want the next book immediately. Highly recommended to fans of High fantasy and Urban Fantasy. The Bone Season delivers a little of everything to keep readers longing for more.

ARC provided by Bloomsbury UK
Released 20th of August, 2013.


Anonymous said...

Just bought a copy of this from the bookstore! I'm really excited about reading it, but I'm a little intimidated about reading an "adult" book. The fact that the author is so young and the main character is pretty young as well makes me less nervous haha. Great review!

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