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Review: Blue Diablo ( Corine Solomon #1) by Ann Aguirre

Title: Blue Diablo
Author: Ann Aguirre
Series: Corine Solomon
Publisher: Gollanz Fiction
My ratings: 4 out of 5 stars.

All that Corine Soloman has ever wanted was to lead a normal life. Working retail, sell antiques, and just be as normal as possible. But she is anything but normal. She is a handler. A rarity among the Gifted, she can see the final moment of any object that she holds in her hands. After running from one corner of the country to another , changing her appearances every time she is now fed up. This time she wants to settle down and not think about running away. But than a surprise visit from Chance her Ex changes all her well laid plans. Chance is on a mission to rescue his mother and he wants Corine as she is the only person who can help him. Corine has no choice but to go with Chance to find his mother and together they realise they have chewed more than they can bite. It seems a lot more forces are in action and they want chance and Corine dead.

Reading this story from Corine POV made it all very interesting. Corine was a straightforward, sincere and real heroine. She was not your typical Urban Fantasy heroine who would kick the villain's ass nor was she the annoying type who just scream and get in the hero's way during a fight scene. What I loved about her was how real she felt to me. I could relate to everything she felt and went thought. She was trapped in the situation and felt obligated to help Chance but on the other hand she wanted to run away to her life which she had established for herself.

“Sometimes broken things heal crooked. The pieces didn’t fit anymore.”

Chance was unusual for a hero too. It loved how he was half Asian and tall, lean, dark and all in all a sex pot. I also loved his special ability and the price that came with it.He could not express himself properly and was emotionally barricaded. He probably feels a lot more about Corine than he lets on and people tend to misunderstand him. Throughout the book the sexual tension between Corine and Chance was palpable. They kept going back and forth and I was left feeling will they or will they not. It was clear that chance wanted Corine but Corine was confused and rightly so. She had suffered through out her time with Chance and felt she was being used. The fact that ether was another hotties around didn't help matters.

" You think my feeling for you died up when you walked away, Corine? You're still my love , even if you don't love me back.”

Officer Jesse Saldana was the was a new love interest which was introduced which turned this into bit of a triangle. He was obviously attracted to Corine and so was Corinne. I mean you can't blame her. Man in uniform who is loyal, sexy, handsome and uptight that you simply want to loosen him up a little. The jealousy his entry elicitated in Chance was oh so delicious.

“Is that love? It seems like a pale word, too easily tossed about by people who don’t know the meaning of it, who twist it for their own ends. I’m afraid of it now, right up there with clowns, close spaces, and open flames.”

The plot was intriguing and the mystery was well written that I had no clue what would happen next. In true Ann Aguirre style, her side characters were as well done as her main ones. I loved Eva, Chuch, Ferguson and the ever elusive, Booke. They added so much spice to the story. They all were more than what meets the eyes and you are convinced there is much more in store for them. The whole story had a running Mexican feel to it all as it was set so close to the border and I really enjoyed the refrences to food and culture and ofcourse magic, warlock, zombies and rituals. Murder, magic , drug filled world painted by Aguirre was dangerous and exciting.

“He would bear scars because of me, as I carried them for him.”

Did I say I love the name Blue Diablo? I didn't even know it was a drink until mentioned. Even with all it's strong elements a few things let this down . I wish there was more information about the Gifted. Corine is initiated into their world by Jesse but I just wish there was more explanation about why they were gifted/ Corine obviously has a tragic past and it coloured her life in more ways than one realises. Moreover, the ending felt a bit abrupt. I wanted more explanation and after the climax and on why Min( Chance's Mother) was kidnapped.

"You're like sunshine to me , Corine.”

Blue Diablo mainly centered the relationship between Corine, Chance and Jesse. Chance and Corine were hot and cold they had me on pins and needles. It was a well balanced Urban Fantasy with lots of romance (even if it had little sexy times) and a brand new world with characters which have room for character development.

"Christ. What do you want from me?"

"Only what I always wanted. Everything.”

I certainly would be reading the next book, Hell's Fire to know more about Corinne and her new found ability and of course, get more Chance.


Braine TS on August 23, 2012 at 10:52 PM said...

1. I love the title
2. I love that first quote
3. I haven't read any of her work, I'm familiar with Enclave but I think I want to start with this one instaed.

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