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ARC Review :Scandal Wears Satin (Dressmakers #2) by Loretta Chase

My ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars.
candal wears Satin is the second book in the series, Dressmakers by Loretta Chase. Sophy is the second Noirot sisters who have come over to England from France to establish themselves as the primary dressmakers on London catering to the wealthy and aristocracy.

In Silk is for Seduction, we see Marceline get her happy ending but it also hinted at who would be the most likely next couple. It was implied that Harry,Lord Longmore had a tendre for Sophy who seemed to have brushed it aside. After the scandal caused by Marceline’s marriage to the Duke, the Noirot sisters are working extra hard trying to get back the patronage of the ‘ton'. In this quest Lady Clara would have had a primary role but she somehow gets embroiled in a scandal and is being forced to marry an impoverished fortune hunter. Now, Sophy and Harry have to join forces in order to stop the wedding without ruining Clara.

“you know ...little squirmy pink things that howl.”
“A baby,” she said.”

Sophy was an interesting character. She was really dedicated towards her work and Maison Noirot and it showed. She worked hard day in and out in what I would call in the 'PR' for their establishment. I loved her determination and stubbornness. No matter, what was happening her first thoughts were always of her work. It was remarkble how much she wanted to succed and I have to admitt I admired her. Harry on the other hand was a unique romance hero. He fulfilled all the physical requirements for the role as he was tall, handsome etc. but as Sophy had described him slightly dull in the head. This is what made it really interesting was how Harry knew he wasn’t as smart as Sophy but he coped well. He may not be clever enough to be a spy but was whatever he had, was just right. I would describe him as a typical man, slightly selfish and simple headed. Okay, the description I’m providing here is not exactly enticing a lot of interest but you have to read it yourself to know what I’m trying to convey here. He may never be an Alpha here (as he seemed more like a beta) but he was refreshing to read about for sure.

”You’d be amazed,” she said. “Most criminal types don’t have very large brains. They have little squirrel brains that think nothing but nuts, nuts, nuts and how to get more nuts..... “

The romance was believable and the situations (if slightly outlandish) were fun to read. The banter betwen them was entertaining and it was the dialogue make reading this story a pleasure.There were no massive declaration of love and chessy talk between then which was icing on cake because sometimes they make me cringe.

“....or maybe you didn’t notice, being surrounded by men trying to attract your attention.”
“Don’t fret about those men, my lord,” she said.” I had eyes only for you.”
“At least you have taste,” he said.”

We also see a little bit of Marceline and her Duke which was nice. I really enjoyed reading this and did not realise how quickly time passed. I would have to add, I loved Silk is for Seduction but Scandal Wears Satin does not lack in chemistry and sexual banter. Chase has this funny voice which made me laugh out loud reassuring me why I love Historical Romances so much. We haven’t seem much of the third sister, Leovine but I’m hoping her story would be as good as this.

So, if you like Loretta Chase already, I don’t need to urge you to pick this up but if you have not I would say you would not be disappointed. I enjoyed every minute of it and was never bored.

“Why has no woman stabbed you before now, I wonder?” she said.
“I have quick reflexes” Longmore replied.

ARC provided by the publisher (Avon)


Alexa on June 20, 2012 at 9:01 PM said...

I'm sort of glad to hear that the male character in this seemed more real to regular life. Sometimes those Alpha males are so steamy and other times you get enough of their attitude and want a low key guy around. :)

Thanks for the awesome review!

Escapism Fanatic on June 20, 2012 at 10:20 PM said...

I'm glad you understand Alexa. Sometimes books just make the male lead so macho and 'alpha-ish' that it gets boring after awhile. Harry was real and seemd like a genuine Aristocrat.

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