Monday, May 7, 2012

ARC Review: Wilde's Fire (Darkness Falls # 1) by Krystal Wade

My ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Katriona “Kate’ Wilde has had dreams about a man since she was 14. She dreams every night about this man whom she is in love with and in each dream he meets a horrible death while protecting her. They are in a different world which is infested by creatures evil and brutal, one cannot imagine. Every time her lover dies, she is overcome with intense longing and pain for her loss. Now twenty years old, she goes on a camping trip into the wilderness with her best-friend Brad and sister Brit. While on this trip is follows a yellow light which leads her and her companions through a portal to another world. As soon as they arrive there are attacked by creatures which seemed to have been in Kate’s dream. She is recued by some mysterious people who take her to here base and here she meets him. The one man who has haunted her dreams caused her sleepless nights, Arland. He is the chief of the people giving Kate shelter and tells her where she is and the prophecy she is part of which she is going to fulfil.

Kate was a good heroine and as the story is narrated from a first person point of view, we get to know her pretty well. She is a very normal person who loves animals and children. She tries her best to be strong and does her very best with every thing. She lacks confidence in herself and in her powers but I believe as the story moves on we will see how she is developed. I think the author has planned a character development for her where she grows and learns to be comfortable in her own skin. She has unimaginable powers which will bring peace and light to her world.I can see her learning and changing into a strong and powerful heroine

                                              “My name is Katriona Wilde and I have fire.”

Arland. Where do I begin about him? He was sexy, sweet and a heartthrob. As soon as he enters the story you know it was going to be really interesting. He was sensitive and fierce and handsome as the devil. I cannot blame Kate for getting attracted to him as I wanted him for myself. He was understanding and helped Kate as much as he could. He is everything Kate has ever dreamed of and more.

The Wade wrote great side characters too.Flanna was particularly good and loved when she got page time. The side characters were well written and you can expect more from them in the future books. The monsters/ creatures described were grotesque and evil making me want to read them more. I loved how it has got a dystopian feel to it even if it is not and you get sucked right in. the story keeps you guessing what will happen next.

Wilde’s fire is a great start for what I expect is going to be an excellent series. The starting I felt was slightly rushed as it seemed that more time could have been spent there but once the story begins it is nonstop. I had lots of questions about the world and why the events occurred the way they did but everything was explained at the end. Still there are lot of unanswered questions which leaves a wide opening for the next installment.There is a lot more to this world than what Wade described and there is so much room for more. I am really excited for the next book and it can’t come early enough.

Releasing on 12th May, 2012.

Arc provided by NetGalley.


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