Sunday, August 14, 2011

Magic Slays

Magic Slays By Ilona_Andrews
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Oh my God!!!!!!!Loved Loved Loved the book.The wait of nearly a year was worth it.I am still high from reading this action packed book and finding it difficult to come back. I swear my toes are still tingling from the ending.I don't think I have words to describe how much I love this series and Kate and of course Curran*yummy!I wouldn't mind being called babycakes Curran*.They warm up my heart with their witty banter and there weird twisted display of affection.The plot is fast paced and makes you frustrated with anticipation on what is going to happen next.
Like many other readers I was afraid that the magic will not be there and Ilona Andrews wont be able to do it again. They deliver again and again.As typical, the plot starts and throws you right in the middle of all the action and the end action makes you sit up and read with an evil glare.The Pack rules and law make funny situations .The secondary characters are unique and hold on their own.I simple love the gang Julie, Derek, Andrea, Jim, Dolittle.What is there not to love.There were many new characters introduced in this edition and it makes for loads of fun. I am going to start re reading this book as soon as the magic wears off.Magic most certainly Slays.


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