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A Touch of Crimson by Sylvia Day

A Touch of Crimson By Sylvia Day
4 of 5 stars
Sylvia Day had created a wonderful world where Werewolves, angels, vampires, demon among various other entities abound.All these mythical creatures live on the Earth and are involved in a complex infrastructure where the angels have their own angel-police to punish those who do not obey the Creator.This is where our Hero Adrian comes in.He is the leader of these angel-police who is an angel himself and is here to fulfill his mission and make sure the punished are still in torment.On the outside he is ice cold and robotic, knowing nothing more then his mission until he falls in love with Shadoe the daughter of his arch enemy.Due to complex circumstances they could not together and hence keeps getting reincarnated again and again.However this time Adrian his found his Shadoe in Lindsay and has every intention of being with his eternal love forever.
As far as the story goes it is not completely new, we have seen a few variation of this type of story before but Sylvia Day's world of these creatures give it a different feeling. I starts out quite well and the sexual tension between Adrian and Lindsay is fun to read.Slowly the secrets of both Adrian and Lindsay are revealed keeping you on the edge as to what would be next. The best thing was how none of the characters where black and white , even Lindsay.They all had shades of grey which made it interesting.However I did have some issues with Adrian's character.He was the leader on the Sentinels and of course he was also not supposed to have sex but he does, so how come he never fell from grace.He was a hypocrite which turned me off.Lindsay on the other hand was an innocent trapped in all the politics but I did not feel that sorry for her.My favorite character was Elijah, the trusted friend and bodyguard who was sarcastic and loyal.I will read his story when it comes out in the next book.
Over all it is a promising start to a new paranormal romance series with good world building and enough characters to write a long line of books.This book perhaps suffers slightly as it is the first in the series so the characters themselves could not be deeply explored in this installment.However I believe the forthcoming books should definitely given a chance.
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