Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Grave on the Right (Charley Davidson # 1) by Darynda Jones

My rating:5 of 5 stars
Wow ...what a debut.I definitely did not feel like the first book of a series.Yes, I know the second book is not due yet but still as we all know the problem with book-series, the first book syndrome. The book was fast, funny, action- packed and yeah romantic too. However I cannot get my head around why it's called a paranormal romantic suspense. It read more like a urban fantasy to me.

I am not going to explain the story as many before me have done it already so I will jump straight on about how I felt about the book.I liked the plot, and the narration. The characters where funny and interesting.You could almost picture them. I would like to know more about Cookie, she was so sweet and best friendy...if thats even a word.I loved the dialogues too. The heroine was funny, sarcastic and intelligent. She was sassy but not in a bitchy way. Books in this genre do have this problem quite often, in order to make their characters sassy they end up making them bitchy and evil. She has a world weary kind of attitude not surprising as she has been through so much but is still pretty much normal under the circumstances.

Moving on to more interesting topic, Male Flesh. Let me assure all the girls out there, you will not be dissappointed. He is drool enticing. Yes, loved him...oh Reyes, can I have him?. I loved everything about him, yes, even his name. I have always been a fan of alpha male guys who are a bit dangerous, so much so that they even the heroine is slightly scared of them. I am talking about the likes of Barrons, Curran, etc. I would not be comparing him with these legends however Reyes did have some potential, dark and dangerous.He was one of the main reasons I picked up the book in the first place. I have to tell you, I had read a few spoilers so I kind of knew what to expect but still the plot was intriguing enough to make me think...Oh God!

Saying all this, I did not want to give it 5 stars more like 4.5 stars but cant score it that way. To be totally honest I was more interested in the plot about Reyes than the other story of the murdered lawyers. Don't get me wrong it was fine but sometimes I was thinking, God can't they just stop discussing this case move to Reyes. But it could be the fangirl speaking. Regardless I liked the book, and would gladly recommend it to fans of Paranormal romance and Urban Fantasy. I have already added the second to my to read list and can't help but think I should have started this book later so could read both of them together.

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