Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Stray (Shifters # 1) by Rachel Vincent

My rating:3.5 out of 5 stars.

The books starts out quite well, even if it had striking similarities with Kelly Armstrong's Bitten,I liked it nevertheless. The first half of the book was a emotional roller coaster ride and I couldn't stop reading.The drama and the tension was played out well and I felt sorry for Marc.

What I hated about this book (apart from the horrible name - Faythe) was well...Faythe herself. She was such a child.She was spoilt and downright bratty. She was so well looked after by her brothers and family but still she didn't want any of it. I do understand her point of view that she didn't want to be just looked after because she was a female. Hell, I am a Feminist my self and was cringing at how she was trying to 'assert' her rights of doing whatever she wanted.She was a 23 year old acting like a someone who was sixteen. God, even sixteen year olds have better sense. God know why Marc likes her the way he does. Girl if you don't want him I can have him.

I did not enjoy her point of view either which was whinny at best. I think I author knew that she was making her main lead immature as it is clear in the dialogues of the other characters.Perhaps she had a character development planned for Faythe.God, I hope she does as I plan to at least read till book 4 as my fellow GR friends insist that the later books are very good.

The writing style was fine but after midway it was full of fillers. For example I don't want to know the plan to catch the villain in exact details and what each character thought of it. It would have been fine if it lead to more insight to the character but it didn't.Moreover she seemed to accepted Marc very quickly, like one moment she wanted to run away from him after what she did and the other she is saying how much she loves him without any reflective thoughts in between?

Regardless of all my complaining I did enjoy the first half of the book. I absolutely love her family especially Ethan. It is one of the few times in which I like the side character more than the lead ones.I would love to see more of him in the next books.Ethan and the GR recommendation will keep me interested in this series.

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