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Review: A Thousand Pieces of You (Firebird #1) by Claudia Grey

Plausible Sci-Fi and beautiful world building
Title: A Thousand Pieces of You
Series: Firebird
Author: Claudia Grey
Publisher: Harper Teen, US
My ratings: 3 out of 5 stars
Released: 4th November, 2014
If I am completely honest with you, the reason I picked this book was 80 percent due to the beautiful cover. I mean I could keep looking at it for hours. Apart from the blurb did sound exciting enough to warrant a read. The premise is a little difficult to surmise but I will try.

Marguerite is the daughter of two renowned physicists who have managed to develop a device which enables users to travel between dimensions. When her father is murdered and the suspect is the run, Marguerite decides to follow after him to another dimension to find him and get answer. But the catch is that, the new dimension may also have Marguerite’s father who may still be alive in this dimension. That is not all, as Marguerite is torn up as the suspect is none other than her parents’ research assistance for whom she may have had feelings for.

This is the simplest way of describing the story but the various elements of the world building were really well put together. The workings of the dimensions were complicated but it was well explained and detailed. While Marguerite was not a character I could relate to but she felt likable and sensible. She had some chemistry with Theo, the other research assistant who followed her but her heart was set on Paul. While it understandably took me a while to really get into the meat of the story due to the complexity of the world building, I liked how her relationship with Paul was unveiled slowly. The two love interests were quite different from each other while one was fun and charming the other was broody and observant. No points for guessing who Marguerite likes.

Due to the many dimension travelling involved in the story line, the setting kept changing each time and it kept me on my toes as to where the author will take us next. The phase in Russia started great but the romance moved full speed which, if not the way it ended, I would have found convincing. The twist in the tail that came later, I had more or else guessed from the start.

Apart from that, a pretty good first book in a new series with likable characters, plausible story line and excellent world building. I may need to read the first book again before reading the second one due to the detailed world building.

ARC provided by Harper Teen via Edelweiss


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