Sunday, September 21, 2014

Review: The Jewel (The Lone City #1) by Amy Ewing

Hooked,and left wanting for more
Title: The Jewel
Series: The Lone City
Author: Amy Ewing
Publisher: Walker Books, UK
My ratings: 4 out of 5 stars
Released: 4th of September, 2014
T he Jewel was one of those coveted books which reviewers where raving about. When this book was sent to be me I actually let out a squeal, seeing how beautiful the book looked. The purple inside jacket was exquisite and the cover picture was eye catching.

I jumped into The Jewel straightaway and it hooked me right in. Violet has lived her life training as a surrogate to bear children for the Royal families, when she will be sold to them. She was loose all her identity, live in a beautiful mansion, enjoy a blissful life until she bears the children for her owner. That would be the sole purpose of her life. Violet is bought by Duchess of Lake and soon she is embroiled in the court politics of families and the reigning families. Her owner wants to use her for her own agenda and Violet is simply helpless navigating the rough waters of the storm that is slowly brewing around her.

I really enjoyed Violet's story. The auction, the magic powers, the dystopian world, the politics were intriguing and to my own surprise I was flipping the pages eagerly, wanting to know more about it. It was strangely gripping and I felt that Violet was a relatable character and soon her little adventure into the Royal's world was daring and extraordinaire. While she was stubborn, she was also determined, strong and had this innocence to her which at last was her undoing. The book had me utterly hooked until the love interest appeared.

The Jewel has one of YA many ill used troupe, which is fondly known as insta-love. Ash is a royal companion and him and Violet soon confess to their feeling in a matter of a few meetings. After his appearance the story slowly lost it's hold on me. Violet became irrationally and reckless and her decisions making skills became poor. I just wish the author had decided to take that side of the story a little more slowly as I know she is capable of it.

My favourite character and by far the most interesting of them all was Garnet and I hope the second book gives more insight into him and his personality. Dare I say I ship him and Violet together.

Regardless of my few misgivings, The Jewel is a cracking read, with elements of a dystopian world, with a few strings of magic and romance thrown in, it will appeal of all readers who like fiction and fantasy. Highly recommended for fans of The Selection, and Reckoning.

ARC received from Walker Books, UK


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