Thursday, September 18, 2014

ARC Review: Frozen (Heart of Druid #1) by Melissa De La Cruz and Micheal Johnston

Frustrating dystopian which made no sense
Title: Frozen
Series: Heart of Druid
Author: Melissa De La Cruz and Michael Johnston
Publisher: Orchard Books, Hachette UK
My ratings: 2 out of 5 stars
Releases: 2nd October, 2014
A Las Vegas which is frozen. A dystopian where everything is frozen like an ice age, pulled me right in. So much in fact, that I dropped the book I was reading to pick it up when I received this book.

It started off well enough. Natasha Kestral is Marked. She has different colour eyes and hidden powers which regular people are afraid of. If she is discovered she will be killed but the voice in her mind keeps calling her, showing her a place which is warm and pleasant. In order to reach her destination, she hires Wes, a mercenary who will help her make the treacherous crossing into the famed land. But everything is not so easy as soon they run into trouble.

I enjoyed the start. The world building was intriguing and the characters were forming there niches but then slowly everything fell apart. Characters acting out of character, too many mythical creatures and worst of all dues ex machina. It went all over the place. The plot holes, the inconsistencies and incomprehensible scenarios were too much for me. I tried very hard but I was skipping pages together and it made no difference to how much I enjoyed it.It was a right mess.

The characters lost their connection to me and the plot was all over the place. It felt like there hadn’t been a lot of thought put into writing the story, the world or the book in general. It felt like the authors, grabbed anything they could find to make the story exciting and added cheap thrills and slapped it together to make the story acceptable.

ARC provided by Orchard Books via NetGalley


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