Monday, September 8, 2014

Audiobook Review: Paradox Series (Fortune's Pawn and Honour's Knight) by Rachel Bach

Sci-Fi which reads like a UF and kicks ass

Series: Paradox
Author: Rachel Bach
Publisher: Orbit
My ratings: 5 out of 5 stars
Released: 5th February, 2014
My bookie friends have been raving about this series for a while urging me to read it as it would right down my street but I never got around to picking it up. However I got the audio book for this series on a whim and I'm sooo glad I did. With a kick ass no-nonsense heroine, non-stop action and a mystery unfolding all at the same time, The Paradox series was pushing just the right buttons for me.

This review is for the first two books Fortune’s Pawn and Honour’s Knight of the Paradox series by Rachel Bach.

The Paradox series is about a mercenary, Devi Morris, ambitious and stupidly brave who wants to be a Devastator, the highest ranking officer in her King's Army. But to prove herself she takes up a job as a security personal at spaceship, The Glorious Fool in famous by the sheer amount of trouble it keeps getting it. Reeled in my the prospect, Devi thinks the work will be a doddle but soon she realises he has bitten more than she can chew. The series features the mismatched crew in Captain Codswal's ship, the variety of planets they land in and the many curious creatures they encounter.

Of course there is romance in the form of the ever enigmatic Rupert (yes I know what you think of the name, I agree).

I really enjoyed the first book, Fortune's Pawn. It had non-stop action, thrilling mystery and extra ordinary world building to go along with it. The second book was slightly slow to begin with, but it soon picked up. This was a science fiction book but at no point was I confused by the setting or the world building. The action scenes were really well written and it was easy to imagine Devi brandishing there thermite blade, Elise or her anti-armour gun, Sasha.

Devi was hard core and fans of Urban Fantasy will like her personality as she is strong woman, who has seen her share of the world and knows exactly what she wants. Her single minded ambition to be a Devastator felt liberating and I loved how she knew herself so well. She was a mercenary through and through but she stuck to her principles.

The one thing that got criticism all around and bothered me only slightly was how hard and quickly she feel for Rupert, the mysterious, handsome cook, who was more than what meets the eyes. Devi kept on trying to uncover his secrets and I found myself doing the same. When I had heard the love interest's name was Rupert I had my doubts but the narrator did such a good job of narrating that somehow along the way Rupert's name, the way it rolled over the tongue became attractive. It took a little getting used to but slowly I got to appreciate what a great job Emily Durante did with Devi's voice and Rupert's accent and the voice of the various crew members. They were all distinct and suited each character perfectly. She managed to give each of them a different accent to accentuate their different planet of origin. While I really enjoyed the mystery of Fortune's Pawn, Honour's Knight felt a little lacking but it made up for the way the story panned out.

Over all this is fantastic series for Sci-fi fans and Urban Fantasy Fans alike. It reads like a Urban Fantasy and would be just right for any fantasy reader who wants to try something different. Ideal for Sirantha Jax fans.

I'd recommend it to fans of irritated birds, galaxy hippies and a story which keeps you on the edge.


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