Friday, May 16, 2014

Review: Consequences (Consequences #1) by Aleatha Roming

Manipulation and mind screwing taken to another level
Title: Consequences
Series: Consequences
Author: Aleatha Roming
Publisher: Self Published
My ratings: 4 out of 5 stars
Released: August,2011
Consequences is a clever book. It made me think twice, no, make that thrice at events taking place over the course of the story. What starts as a harmless date turns sinister, as Claire is kidnapped and kept captive by Anthony Rawlings, self-made millionaire. Through all the atrocities Claire has to endure she slowly learns to survive. She learns to live. She follows the rules and pleases Anthony.

Consequences is not a book for everyone. It introduces the reader to a scenario which can happen to anyone anywhere. The way Claire is trapped and kept captive broke my heart for her. It was a gilded cage where she was tortured every single day. Through sheer will force she learns to survive and through the strength of her mind learns to endure. The evilness in Anthony made me want to hurl the book at someone. The way he manipulated circumstances where Claire had to beg for little privileges was heart wrenching. The complete power he held over Claire made me want to torture Anthony to no end. Regardless over time, even he is unable to resist Claire and the power she has within her and slowly even he starts to fall for Claire. Or does he?

This book was a total mind –f**k. It starts of well but moves at a snail’s pace in the middle 75 percent of the book. It was essential to demonstrate Claire’s growth and her psychological state of mind but I can only take so much shopping and spa visiting. I believe this little issue can be addressed by some editing and fine tuning.

I really don’t know what to say to convey my feelings about the story. It gave me the creeps. I was sad and angry though out the book. The book wasn’t that long but it surely felt like it.

I was so completely enamoured by Claire’s ordeal and strength of character that I kept reading with a morbid fascination. We get glimpses at the justification of Anthony’s behaviour but even though it is likely in the future books, I believe he is beyond redemption.

This story is something that should be experienced by the reader themselves and make the decision to keep reading as it may not be to everybody’s taste. The middle bit requires editing but my curiosity to find out more kept me going. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoy dark literature to give it a go, as it is something which may intrigue or repulse you. As for me, I was so exhausted with the mind games by the end of Consequences that I’m not sure I have the energy or the right state of mind for more mind –f**k. Maybe in the future, as I’m assured that the series gets better.


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