Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cover Changes: For or Against

As we all know, I suffer from cover lust. Show a pretty book cover and I'm all over it.

So when a publisher decides to change the covers half way through the series, it annoys me to no end. A prime example will be the Sookie Stack House series. It has many versions of the covers and I like the last version the best because, well the whole series will be available in the same theme.

However, it may result in cover awesomeness that is the Shatter Me series. IT started with a very typical cover but mid way through the publisher decided to change it and then the covers resulting from it was pure genuine pieces of art dripping with heavenly elixir. High priase, yes but just check out the beauties and then point fingers.

Anyways, the point of this post is that I recently saw a change in covers mid way through the series which has left me out of sorts. It is the Arcana Chronicles, the new offering from the PNR goddess, Kresley Cole. The Immortals After Dark is the only PNR I read and the praises she gets is well deserved. Her young adult series is not less addictive. I think it is one of her best so far but more on it later as I will be writing reviews on them soon. 

Today, I realised that the US publisher, Simon and Schuster for Young Readers has decided to change the covers in the series.  The first cover in the original book was really good and while the second cover was not great but it went with the general theme and hinted at the story line beneath. However, they have been changed to the ones below to match the third cover in the series. I don't want to delve into the various marketing reasons publishers chose to do so, as long as they change them for the better, but these cover simply look lack lustre. In fact they remind me of old historical romance/highlander books by Julie Garwood.

Here's hoping that the UK publishers don't decide to go down the same route and if they don't, I wonder how the cover will look.


Ellie Warren on May 23, 2014 at 10:21 AM said...

It used to bother me a whole lot more but I have so many mismatched books now, I kinda like the charm of it. I am tempted by the Sookie set, but more because some of my copies are tie-ins and I don't really like them, rather than really wanting them to match.

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