Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Cover Lover


 Who is Miss Hatfield? Elderly neighbour or girl next door . . .
There’s always been something odd about Cynthia’s next door neighbour, Miss Hatfield. Something beyond the strangely familiar miniature photographs and ramshackle house. And when Miss Hatfield tricks Cynthia into drinking a drop of the Fountain of Youth, she finds herself immortal.
She is the new Miss Hatfield and the next in line to the curse and blessing that is her legacy.
But immortality has a price. Becoming the new Miss Hatfield means letting go of who she was.
Tasked by her predecessor with recovering a mysterious painting, Cynthia finds herself in turn of the century New York. But someone else has followed her . . .

This is a new book being published by Gollancz in July. It is being brought out by the same people who published The Falconer and The Sookie Stackhouse books in the UK. I am so sure about the how I feel about the cover. It has a strange vintage feeling about it but it's growing on me.
However I was sold by the blurb, which promises intrigue, adventure with a dash of romance thrown in.


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