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ARC Review: The 57 Lives of Alex Wayfare (Alex Wayfare #1) by M.G Buehrlen

Nerdy girl goes time travelling

Title: The 57 Lives of Alex Wayfare
Series:Alex Wayfare
Author:M.G Buehrlen
Publisher: Strange Chemistry, UK
My ratings: 4 out of 5 stars.
Released: 6th March, 2014
T he 57 Lives of Alex Wayfare follows the adventures of a 17 year old girl who is more interested in fixing things and reading rather than make friends. He is a loner with no friends but that is fine with her. She has a close family and own issues which she is dealing with. However, Alex is not entirely normal. You see, she gets de ja vu’s from time to time which always feel like a real life experiences. Of course, everyone thinks Alex is delusional and then ignored her even more. However, one day she experiences a particularly realistic de ja vu which leads to too many questions. Which seems can only be answered by this mysterious man called Porter.

Turns out that Alex is a Decender. She has had 56 previous lives and each time she has a de ja vu, she is actually being sucked into one of her previous lives. That is not all, it appears that there are people looking for Alex, who want to destroy her. So now she has to find her enemies before they find her.

With a premise like this, I was immediately sucked in. I really enjoyed really Alex’s point of views. She was very much a teenager albeit slightly different than your regular teens in her high school. I loved her close family and understood how Alex down played her own problems due to even bigger ones at home. I felt for Alex and her relationship with Audrey, her little sister. It was so touching to see how cancer not only touches the victims but how it affects their loved ones too.

Saying that, I still think Alex was immature and too quick to draw conclusions. She sometimes seemed too trusting and sometimes rather sceptic. This faults I attribute are due to her age and I hope, Alex does some growing up over the course of the books.

We obviously see some romance in the story as well, which I think was well done. There was no love at first sight and the build up was slow and realistic. I really enjoyed reading about blue but I’m not sure how Levi will play out.

What I enjoyed most about his book was the world building. The different time periods Alex was travelling too was fascinating as not only did I get to sample the various world building elements but it transported the story, the characters and the angst into a different era and I loved how they played out in that context.

Overall, The 57 Lives of Alex Wayfare, was a gripping and well written book. It’s characters fleshed out with the right amount of angst, romance, adventure, excitement and drama thrown in. It is one of those books you can enjoy guilt free and it will make you invested in the characters.

Released on the 6th of March, 2014
ARC provided by Strange chemistry, UK 

Author M. G Buehrlen is stopping by this blog to answer some of my burning question. Visit again tomorrow !


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