Thursday, February 27, 2014

ARC Review: The Almost Girl by Amalie Howard

Assassin at High School? Bring it on.
Title: The Almost Girl
Author: Amalie Howard
Publisher: Strange Chemistry, UK
My ratings: 4 out of 5 stars
Releases: 7th January, 2014

An assassin with kick-ass skills on a mission where she has to pretend to be a high schooler? When I read the synopsis so was totally on board. The cover is absolutely gorgeous too. So when I finally read Almost Girl, unfortunately I was slightly disappointed.

It starts with Riven trying to find someone in different high schools pretending to be a high school. She is basically looking for Caden to take him back to this own parallel universe as he is wanted by the Prince in her own planet called Neospes. She was a Legion General feared and revered. Along the way she meets people and the journey on her way back to her city many secrets are revealed, rebellions established and betrayals endured.

The Almost Girl was fast paced, action packed with something new being revealed in almost every chapter which I enjoyed immensely. However a few things did let me down. I don’t want to go in to details as it may seem like I am nit-picking but these few things together bothered me and spoiled my overall experience of this book. I enjoyed the tone of the book and even the setting but the main protagonist, Riven, sometimes felt rather vain and shallow. She was meant to be the Legion General of an army and yet she seemed to act shallow. However, through the various events which happen over the course of this book Riven goes through somewhat of a journey and changes and improves.

Caden on the other hand was your typical YA love interest. Good looking, somewhat charming with the right moves, which wins the girls heart. But there was one issue (called Saddie) which felt off as I can’t explain without giving away spoilers.

The book could have done with a few more chapters as at times it felt too rushed. It was clear that it has been through a lot of chopping and cutting but I think a few more chapters would not have harmed the narrative but would have added more depth to the story and characters.
Overall, The Almost Girl is a good, action packed adventure with a Sci-Fi twist which the fans of dystopian would enjoy. It ticks all the boxes and is an excellent addition to the YA genre.

Released 7th of January in the UK

ARC provided by Strange Chemistry



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