Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wrong Ways Down (Downside Ghosts #1.5) by Stacia Kane

A Downside novella from Terrible's POV. Need I say more?

Title: Wrong Ways Down
Author: Stacia Kane
Series: Downside Ghosts
My ratings: 5 out of 5 stars.
Released: 6th of August, 2013
Wrong ways Down so the right way up for me. After pestering Stacia Kane for a long time us, the Downside fans managed to convince her to write a Terrible POV novella.

Wrong Ways Down occurs between the first two books. Terrible is investigating a series of murders and attacks in Downside and struggling to cope with his attraction to the church witch, Chess. I won't go into too many details about the plot as it's a short novella and I'll be giving away too much.

Stacia Kane manages to take my breath again and again. She knows the Downside World with it's intrinsic details to its dark, rotten veins. The mystery, as usual, was nicely done, and I kept guessing who the real culprit was.

Anyone going into it before they have read the whole series, I'd warn them as Wrong Ways Down is written from Terrible's POV, it's pretty much completely in Downside speech. So. if you're struggling with the speech then read a few books and then come back to this. I also believe that you'll enjoy this more after you've read the developments in the later books and read Wrong Ways Down retrospectively.

“It were … she’d fell asleep, and she’d fell asleep on him. Like she trusted him that much she could just sleep, she were that comfortable. She weren’t freaking out touching him or blushing or looking all embarrassed or rushing to get away, though he knew she might when she woke up. But for that moment she were just sleeping there, next to him. Like she was his.”

The best bit for me personally, was the feeling Terrible has for Chess. It made me sad that where Chess thinks she doesn't deserve Terrible, he has the same thoughts about her. However, he seems to take it better than she does. It plucked on my heart strings as how Terrible really saw Chess as an intelligent, beautiful, independent woman and not some street side junkie that Chess seems to think. Even with the jaded and hard life Terrible had a sense of innocence about him when it came to Chess.

“But when he was with Chess he wasn’t the bad guy no more. He was the one keeping her safe, making her smile. He still wasn’t good enough for her, but he were better than he’d ever been. That mattered.”

Let's just say I love Terrible and love Chess and Terrible together. Can you tell?

So, if you're not yet sold by Stacia Kane's series I'm not sure I will be able to convince you to carry on but if you've already dipped your toes in Downside and like it well I don't think I'd need to convince you either as you'd be running to buy this too.

A must read for Terrible, Chess and Downside fans.

 ARC received from the author


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