Thursday, September 6, 2012

Guest Post :Shanae Branham author of DiSemblance

Today, I welcome author Shanae Branham to my blog. Shanae has a fun video interview and giveaway to share with you, as well as some info about herself and her latest book release, DiSemblance.

I am a professional writer with a bachelor’s degree in creative writing and a minor in grammar. I have also attended several years of classes and workshops in screenplay writing at the Los Angeles Screenplay writer’s Expo. I love suspense adventure and romance. I am also a master at plot who enjoys stories with happy endings.

Jason Tanner lives between two worlds. Problem is, only one is real.

As a computer prodigy, Jason has spent his life with limited social contact due to his father’s secretive work on a hologram machine that can create digital immortality. When his father is murdered and framed as the Comfort Killer, Jason is targeted as the killer’s new fall guy. Having spent much of his youth living in the virtual world his father created, he must now go on the run if he is going to save himself, his brother, and the beautiful girl next door.

An exciting, action-packed ride to a future happening today, Shanae Branham’s modern techno thriller is the perfect exhilarating adrenaline rush for a techno-savvy generation. Expertly weaving cutting-edge technology with almost unbearable suspense, she crafts a wild, white-knuckled thriller that pushes the boundaries of science. Full of intensity and extraordinary vision, DiSemblance attacks the senses as it challenges the mind and imagination.

After such an interesting synopsis, how can you not read it. Add this book on GoodReads and visit DiSemlance's Website and enter to win a free copy of her book.


Shanae Branham on September 6, 2012 at 11:18 PM said...

A great post! Thank you for featuring me.

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