Monday, September 24, 2012

ARC Review: Seven Night's in a Rogue's Bed (Sons of Sins #1) by Anna Campbell

One Story night, a girl walks into a gloomy Castle...
Title: Seven Nights in a Rogue's Bed
Author: Anna Campbell
Series:Son of Sins
Publisher: Forever
My ratings: 5 out of 5 stars.
Releases: 25th September, 2012

One stormy night in Cornwall, Sidonie turns up in Craven Castle to sacrifice herself for her sister. She is to spend the night with the ruthless, notorious, disfigured Jonas Merrick. Rumoured to be a heartless monster, Sidonie is prepared to bear the consequences that would come the night she has to spend at the forbidding and gothic Castle Craven. Jonas has been a loner since she was born. Branded as a bastard, he has made a life for himself, whose main goal in life is to torture and torment Sidonie’s brother-in-law to exact his revenge to the cards that has been dealt to him by life. He will not tolerate any obstacle in his way reach his goal. When he sees Sidonie, with fire in her eyes he is more than intrigued. He makes a deal with her so she stays with him for seven nights after which she would be allowed to go home unharmed. Thinking that this bargain was her way out, Sidonie agrees. Little did she know that Jonas has planned a seduction that she will not be able be escape.  As she spends the agreed seven nights, she gets to know more about this mysterious, depraved person who is shunned by society. Little by little a Jonas reveals more of himself she falls more and more in love with him.

I loved the two main protagonists in this book. Sidonie did not trust men. After watching her father and then Viscount Hillbrook, she has no faith in men.  However her love and loyalty for her sister was commendable. She would do anything for her, even if it ruins her. I loved how strong willed she was and how she braved the feared Jonas Merrick on her own.  She is one of those strong female characters in Historical Romance who are hard to come by and are memorable in their own right. She felt real to me. When knows what she wants and has planned a life out for herself. Falling in love would change nothing.

Oh Jonas! How much I loved poor, sad Jonas. When he first sees Sidonie he tries to intimidate her when he sees the fair Sidonie trying to be the virginal sacrifice he can’t make himself hurt her. He seduces her by not just kisses and touch but with his intellect and company.  As they slowly get involved with each other, he opens up to her. As Sidonie gives up resisting Jonas and finally gives in they both fall in a whirlwind of romance. Which is not only a physical connection but a meeting of souls. 

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this book. The first few days in Castle Craven were full of sexual tension which you could taste and finally when they get together, all I can say this was one of the sexiest  HR I have read so far. Anna Campbell doesn’t take short cuts and I can say the result was beautiful and poetic. The characters were a match made in heaven and  I dare say, perfect for each other. Both of them broken who needed each other without even knowing so. It was not simply a love story but a journey of self-discovery, especially for Jonas, He was tortured man with a chequered past so painful that my heart went out for him. For once he opens up to someone and she may be the one who would close it forever.

This was my first Anna Campbell book, but I had heard so much about here. Now I’m really glad I read one of her masterpieces and going to start looking for more.

Overall, a beautiful piece of historical romance, which will leave an impression on you and make you fall in love again with it’s lonely, tortured characters but leave you wanting more.

Releases on the 25th of September, 2012

ARC provided by Grand Central Publishing.


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