Tuesday, August 21, 2012

ARC Review: Intangible (Intanglible #1) by J. Meyers

Vampire vs Faeries

Title: Intangible
Author: J. Meyers
Series: Intangible
Publisher: Self-Publsihed
My ratings: 4 out of 5 stars.

Twins Luke and Sera have a secret.No-one knows. Luke can see the future and Sera can heal people. They have had these abilities all their lives and always wondered what is their destiny with these unusually gifted. But the gift quickly turns into a curse when Luke has a vision of Sera's Death. While Luke is coming to terms with this revelations and trying to change the future, greater forces are working to eliminate them. As they may be part of a prophecy were they may be a danger to the entire world of vampires and faeries.

Luke and Sera were interesting and well written characters. Sera was strong yet vulnerable. She had a genuine call to help people. Whenever she saw someone hurting she could not help but heal them. Due to this she suffered yet she helped them. However it was Luke whom I liked more. He was merely 16 years old but he was the pillar of strength for both his mother and Sera. He felt responsible for her and looked out for her. Sera went to him with all her problems but he was the one who had no one to share his feeling with. I see a lot of character development in Luke and Sera. They were really close and I loved how they could understand each other and their banter was fun to read.

The side characters were well rounded and it was clear the author knew what she was doing was. I loved how Lilith was French and had a french accent. I would never have expected her to be written like that. Unusual to the current YA trend this book is in third person which was refreshing and gave a new perspective to the story. There was Luke's POV and Sera's but they were never the narrators. The story starts off with the twins slowly getting embroiled into this other secret world which they had no idea about. Hence the reader got slowly introduced into the world which was both fascinating and intriguing, The world building was nicely done without any information dumping and at no point was I left confused. The world created by Meyers has a lot of secrets which I believe will be reveled slowly and I am looking forward towards what her take will be.

My favourite character of them all has to be Jonas. Oh he was smart, sexy, mysterious and a bad ass to say the least. To top me all off he is alpha material too. I'm hoping there would be more of him in the next book.

This book had it all, romance, banter, teen angst, mystery , action, great world building and characters you would want to know more about. All that is left is to for is get my hands on the next book.

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