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ARC Review: Blade Song (Colbana Files #1) by J.C Daniels

Title: Blade Song
Author: J. C. Daniels
Series: Colbana Files
Publisher: Shiloh Walker, Inc
Releases : 1st August, 2012
My ratings: 5 out of 5 stars.

Kit Colbana is a private investigator in the world inhabited by witches, shape shifters. Vampire and also including the rest of the paranormal creatures. She make an alright living trying to keep her head down and remain as invisible as possible. She is running away from her past and she doesn’t want attention. She has managed well so far but her luck may be running out. She is approached with the task of finding a 15 year old shape shifter but the catch is he is the nephew of the local shape shifter alpha. Plus case comes with someone attached. She has to work with Damon. The enforcer for the shapeshifters packs who will be her shadow throughout this case. Worst of all she dislikes him instantly.

Kit is a great urban fantasy heroine. Kiss-ass and hard core. She takes no easy routes and will show you your place without being arrogant. She was skilled and she knew it. She has a past which we get a glimpse of later. She has got moves with her sword and pretty little tricks up her sleeve. She was funny and her mind was entertaining. She may seem smart but sometimes the decisions she took were questionable but I suppose they resulted in a more complicated plot. All the more fun of us, the readers.

" “Arching a brow at him, I asked, ‘Are we going fishing?”
“Sure. I’ll catch it. You clean it’
“Wrinkling my nose at him, I said, “You wish. I only clean what I catch.” That wicked grin curved his lips again.”

Damon was the Cat shapeshifter barging into Kit’s office with the case after which shit goes down. He was smart, strong and totally delicious. He was Alpha material and more is revealed in the book as to why he chose to remain subservient to that bitch of an Alpha they had. I really enjoyed how Kit’s and Damon relationship changes over the book. They start off wary of each other but as the story goes they get under each others skin. The author did an excellent job of showing how slowly Damon’s feeling for Kit was changing and how his grudging respect for her changing to affection. The sexual tension was palpable and oh so delicious. I loved how Kit kept on resisting his charms (which is a great achievement I tell you) but he kept on pushing. He knew what he wanted and got it too.
There were many side characters which were very well written and each had a distinct personality. I’m looking forward as to here they would be taken in the next book in the series. The world woven around was fun and filled with new creatures which were fascinating and interesting.

" “Storm clouds flashed in his eyes as he shoved off the wall and faced me. He crossed his arms over his chest and I briefly found myself distracted by the way muscles played under his golden-brown skin. Pretty—

No.No. Not pretty....asshole. Capital asshole.”

Lots of people have compared it to Kate Daniels Series by Ilona Andrews and I have to say even I can see the similarities with a private investigator heroine and a cat shapeshifter with a world full of vampires and shapeshifter. But don’t be disappointed if you don’t because regardless it was a great start to brand spanking new Urban Fantasy series where the heroine won’t bore you and the plot is engaging and keeps you rooted on your sofa for the rest of the day.

" “Cat huh?” He grinned at me, a toothy smile that would look all too at home on a tiger. A lion. A cougar. Any of those. One of the big predator cats, damn it. Why couldn’t he be something little? Like a bobcat. A lynx, maybe? Or an ocelot. Yeah. I’d think of about him as an ocelot. A little drawf leopard. Cute fuzzy. Not at all dangerous.”

I will surely go running to the bookstore when the second book Blade Night comes out.

Realeases 1st August, 2012

ARC provided by NetGalley


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