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ARC Review :Summoning The Night (Arcadia Bell # 2) by Jen Bennett

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Summoning the Night is the second book in the Arcadia Bell Series by Jen Bennett. Kindling the Moon was an excellent start to the series and I could not wait for this second book. I had read rave reviews about this too making me all the more excited.

I will be brief and not re-hash the story here as if you want to know the story you can read the blurb.

We all liked Jupe, Lon’s son in Kindling the Moon and we wanted more and Bennett delivers that. There is a lot of Jupe which added to the awesomeness of a package. I loved the relationship between Cady and Jupe. They are so sweet together. It is obvious that even if he gets to see his Grandmother and his Aunt but he still needs a female influence in his life. The incident with the tattoo made it clear how much Jupe liked and idolised Cady. If you liked Jupe in Kindling the Moon, you will fall in love with Jupe in this. Jupe is not a minor character anymore. I love reading about him and I can visualise him playing a bigger and bigger roles as the story moves on. I hope he comes to terms with his ‘knack’ as it would be interesting to see where his ability will take him.

We also see that Cady and Lon’s relationship has improved and they seemed to have reached a place where they are comfortable with each other. They seemed to have become a normal couple. I wish there was more Lon and Cady banter and sexual tension, as I personally loved that in the first book. All tension and attraction between these two was the best bit. Thus it feels like the magic may have faded. There were a few scenes (especially the kitchen scene) which were hot but it still left me with a nagging feeling of wanting more.

Secrets about Lon’s first wife are revealed and it is heart-breaking to see how Lon and Jupe have struggled with the reality of their lives. I’m glad that she is gone and doesn’t bother Jupe or Lon anymore.

The mystery/plot was overall okay. It is unfair but I can’t help but compare the first and the second where the plot and the great reveal where so much better. The ending had a good climax but I keep thinking it is not as good as the first.

Cady is still struggling with her moon-child powers but it sets the scene where we see more of what she can do. I’m not sure where the author is going to take us but it promises to be a great ride along the way. A dodgy character was also introduced whom I’m sure a lot of readers would dislike him but personally I could not help but be intrigued by him. I’m sure he is going to play a bigger role in the upcoming books.

Even after complaining so much I would say that I still liked this book. Kindling the Moon had set the bar right up, which Summoning the Night failed to meet. Regardless, it was an entertaining read, and new world of magic and mayhem. If you are looking for a good Urban Fantasy with a kick-ass heroine and a sexy moustached hero, look no further as this will be the series for you.

I am waiting for the third book with baited breath as I’m sure it is going to be great.

Released on 24th of April, 2012

A big THANK YOU to Vansmate from Paranormal Itch for the ARC.


Eesti on May 12, 2012 at 9:19 AM said...

After reading the book, I shared it with my clever friends. Now I ended up nowhere, because I can't find the book now.

Escapism Fanatic on May 13, 2012 at 7:02 PM said...

Too bad Eesti. This book is such a keeper. You can reread it anytime you are bored.

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