Sunday, November 20, 2011

ARC Review - Blood Rights (House of Comarré, #1) by Kristen Painter

My Ratings :4 out of 5 stars. .
Blood Rights is the first in the trilogy of House of Comarre.It has a kick ass heroine, a tortured hero complete with funny side-kicks and a truly twisted and utterly evil villain, set up a new world with new supernatural creatures, vampires and comarres. All this comes in this pretty little package with a beautiful cover. The heroine Chrysabelle is a comarre which basically is a vampire's slave girl with special blood who only gives blood to his or her Patron .She is accused of murdering her patron for which she flees and falls in the lap of our prickly hero, who has his own ghosts from the past .Mal has is an Anathema who has been discarded from the Vampire world. He is a cursed soul who suffers from it every minute that he breathes. The book started of quite mediocre for me. The world building took some time and I kept getting confused, however about one- third of the way it started getting interesting .As you read on you realize Malkolm or Mal is truly a tortured hero. Chrysabelle was fine too but personally for me Fiona or Fi totally stole the show .She was funny, witty and brought a streak of fun to the rather serious storyline. Furthermore, I wasn't interested in the villain Tatiana's POV .It slowed the story and distracted from the main agenda. It was turning out to be a 3 star book to me until the last few pages. The twists and turns thrown in by the author could not have been seen afar and it made me sit up. They took me completely by surprize and delighted me. So, if you are a fan of UF or just want to feed your need for tortured heros give this book a try .Plus the pretty cover looks amazing on your shelf. The best bit is that you don't have to wait years for the rest of the books to release. They hit the shelves this year so keep an eye on them. ARC provided by NetGalley


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