Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Star Crossed Seduction (Astrology#2) by Jenny Brown

My rating : 3 out of 5 stars.
Star – Crossed Seduction is the second book in the Astrology series by Jenny Brown. It has a unique concept of a romance novel based around astrology.I always have had a curious interest in astrology so I was keen to start reading this book. The previous book in this series has received good reviews too.

Captain Miles Trevelyan has just returned from his service from India when he meets pick- pocket Temperance Smith. He catches her red handed and thus our story begins. This story is based around Scorpios, who are well known for their lust and suspicious nature. I would have to give it to the author that she played with their inhereant natures , intertwining it well with the story. The astrology was subtle and not in your face which was a plus. It was quite unusual for me to read a historical where the characters are not from the aristocracy. Moreover the female was from the streets.

It started out well but halfway through, I lost interest. The characters just seemed to so suspicious of each other all the time and it hindered in the progression of the story. It just seemed that even after their happily ever after they would never be able to trust. Another point that bothered me was I knew well enough that Scorpios do sometimes like excessive sex, but it just did not come across as such. The sex scenes seemed a bit damp and prose-like (which might be appealing to some readers).

Moreover, the author put in a lot of references about Colonial India which was great but being an Indian myself I found few of them bothering me. For example, Trev kept saying that he was speaking Hindustani, which literally mean ‘Indian’. So basically he is calling the native language ‘Indian’. It was like calling The Chinese language Chinese and not Mandarin. I am not saying the author hasn’t done research because it is obvious she has but some of them stick out for me.So for the record I think they were speaking Hindi, which is the predominant language spoken in India.

I am not saying that this is not a good book. I usually rate them depending on how much I enjoyed reading them. This story was not to my tastes as I like to read a light romance. The setting and the story was slightly heavy for me. It may be what some reader like but personally I like romances with a bit of humour in them which it was lacking.

I would recommend it to anyone who likes historical romances and wants something different from the Regency setting.

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