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Review: Because of Miss Bridgerton (Rokesbys#1) by Julia Quinn

Fun, witty and fabulously entertaining!
Title: Because of Miss Bridgerton
Series: Rokesby
Author: Julia Quinn
Publisher: Piatkus, UK
My ratings: 4 out of 5 stars
Released: 29th March, 2015
Whenever I fancy reading a quality regency romance, I know I can pick up a Julia Quinn books and it will deliver. However, due to commitments, reading Historical romances have been at the bottom of my reading list. I adore Julia Quinn and there is a reason why her books are popular. Not only are they swoony and romantic, they are utterly clever with witty rapid dialogue and vibrant characters her books keep me entertained to the very end.

Because of Miss Bridgerton was no exception. The Bridgerton series has been her most successful books and I was really excited about new Brigderton characters getting more HEA. Unfortunately, this book doesn’t feature Violet Bridgerton, the clan’s matriarch but introduces new character, Billie Bridgerton. She lives in the countryside and is somewhat of a tomboy. She has been befriends with their neighbours, the Rokesby. While she grew up with the Rokesby boys, everyone expects her to marry one of them eventually. But fate had other things in mind and after a cat, a sprain ankle, and a fall from a tree, she somehow finds herself having a strange attraction with the oldest Rokesby, George, whom she never got along.

We have a classic hate to love relationship, but calling it ‘hatred’ is taking it a little too far. Both our main characters have never liked each other and never quite got along. Of course this led to wonderful rapid, venomous dialogues and hilarious monologues where each one of them is befuddled about their feelings. The legendary Pall Mall makes an appearance too.

All in all Because of Miss Bridgerton, is fun, witty, entertaining and a page turner. The characters feel alive and Julia Quinn does a fabulous job of bringing the world alive. Recommended for all Bridgerton Series fans.

Review copy provided by the publisher by NetGalley.
 Releases on the 29th March, 2015.


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