Thursday, March 26, 2015

Review: Beauty and The Beast by Ravinnder Randhawa

Hilarious Hijinks and insightful drama
Title: Beauty and The Beast : Enemies. Romance. Fireworks.
Author: Ravinder Randhawa
Publisher: Createspace
My ratings: 3 out of 5 stars
Released: 14th September , 2014
O n the reading the blurb for Beauty and The Beast, I was convinced that this book will be the one for me. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. Harjinder or Hari-jan as she likes to call herself is a young school going Indian Brit and this is her story. It is difficult to write a premise for this book as it more of a slice of life in Harjinder’s day to day hijinks. It was more of her commentary and her perspective as an Indian living in a foreign country and the pressures living a life where you are expected to live and behave a certain way.

I enjoyed Jindi’s narration which had a habit of going tangent. But everything in her life came with an Asian or shall we say Indian twist to it. I enjoyed and related to all her family dramas and her family and lifestyle. With Indian words interspersed in every paragraph it felt like I was with my friends in India and speaking in Hinglish. i.e a mixture of Hindi and English.

However, I had some issues with which it flowed. Sometimes scenes cut so abruptly that it left me scratching my head as to what happened. Sometimes Jindi’s commentary went on in circles and something significant gets missed.

The scene where Jindi has to give measurement for her Sari was reminiscent of my experience with tailors and measurement and the painful process of learning to wear a freaking 4 metre fabric around yourself that the world calls a sari.

Over all, while I liked the concept and do think more books like this should be out, a slightly improved flow and structure to the plot will not go amiss.

Review based on the review copy provided by the publisher


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