Friday, October 3, 2014

ARC Review:Stray by Elisa Sussman

Too timid for my tastes
Title: Stray
Author: Elisa Sussman
Publisher: Greenwillow
My ratings: 5 out of 5 stars
Released: 29th September, 2014
Stray with it's enigmatic cover and illusive blurb was the perfect bait. It reeled me right in and I got trapped. I hate to write bad reviews for books pre release but I don't want to lie to my readers, so here it goes.

Stray is actually not a bad book. In fact there was potential but it spluttered to an early death soon enough. The premise was interesting enough, a gothic setting with a story line which hinted at a fairy tale like narrative, with Godmothers and princess. Aislynn is a princess, studying at a boarding school with other princess, where their magic is suppressed, their emotions dulled and prepared to live their lives as puppets. There is a perfect scenario of brain-washing and manipulating, and where meanness is rewarded, it was a great start. The heroine was meek, timid and afraid. She has hidden power which she struggles to hide and gets reprimanded at every step.

I had several problems with Stray but without getting into the nitty-gritty of things, I'll say that the author could not do justice to the world building and the setting. The plot was too slow and unpredictable. Aislynn, was too timid and scared to make any interesting main character. The side characters also failed to invoke any interest off me. The romance was detached and felt awkward and no surprises there as she 'fall's in love with Thackery when she had her power of 'emotions' taken away from her. I'm still confused as to what power Aislynn really possess and how come no one, I mean no one has ever questioned the way of the world with the fairy Godmothers and the guardians.

Overall, the premise was good with great potential, but it failed to impress me. The heroine had no backbone and when she finally gets one, it's a little too late.

Releases 7th of October, 2014

ARC received from Greenwillow via Edelweiss


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