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An Ode to the Kate Daniels Series by Ilona Andrews

I have contracted the Kate Daniels disease and I don’t want to be cured 

I have been quite vocal about my love for Ilona Andews, particularly how much I love their Kate Daniels series. However never have I written a review of any of their books. Sound peculiar doesn’t it. The reason behind is the simple fact that after reading either I jump straight to their next book or I’m too busy gushing, fangirling, and screaming around running in circles about how awesome the piece of literature I just read.

I may just have to correct myself here as I just realise that I have written a review for Magic Slays and going back and reading it proves my point again as the piece of writing makes no sense at all as it is full the fore-mentioned fangirling and spouting incoherent nonsense about how a shrine should be made to honour them.

So let’s start with the beginning shall we? It all started in 2010 when
I was reading every UF out there (which I sort of still do) and came across The Kate Daniels series. Everybody warned me how the first book was difficult but it gets better, so like a brave trouper I soldiered on with the first book and guess what I didn’t find it difficult in the least. Yes, the magic waves were a little difficult to get my head around but my mind was blown away by the no- sparkly grotesque vampires and the shape shifters who were mean and vicious with all sorts of weird and wonderful social structure built around them. The cherry on top was Kate. I loved her. Period. I would run away with her and have her little sword wielding children if she wants me to and no, I don’t even swing that away. No pun intended. I felt connected to her in a way I feel with a childhood beast friend whom I understand. The mood, her nuances, her personality, her behaviour felt so endearing familiar and yet it managed to surprise me time and time again.

One of my all-time favourite lines which true fans will recognise and so very Kate and that started everything. And many more but I don’t have the space and I don’t want to bore you all so here’s a little taster.

“Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty...”

  I am not even sure that I can find the right words or phrase something which will do justice to how much I adore this series and these wonderful writers.

Have you even thought that a book was written specifically for you. I mean, a personalised book, a story to push all your buttons and a guaranteed that you will like it. That is precisely how I feel about The Kate Daniel Books. It’s like slipping into a custom made suit built to fit your every contour, rise and fall and the lines of your preferences so that there is not a simple aspect out of place. The balance between, humour, action, romance, love, friendship, mystery, action, fear and almost every emotion under the roof is so perfectly written that when I’m reading, I literally cannot take my eyes off the pages. The writing is spot on for me.The heroine, the love interest, the side characters are so well crafted that they seem real. Heck, I want them to be real.

The action scenes are so brilliantly envisioned and no short cuts are taken. It is abundantly clear that both Ilona and Gordon have an innate understanding of fighting, weapons and the consequences of the actions. The romance is something to behold and I adore Curran. I tend to get carried away with male leads and I’ll be the first to admit that while my other bookie friends may be swooning over werewolves and shape-shifters but I have never been one of them. I was more a vampire girl but Ilona Andrews converted me. 
However, saying that, Curran doesn’t feature on my book boyfriend list. The reason being he is just so perfect for Kate and vice versa that I cannot even think about having him for myself or anyone else.

I have pretty much read every tittle by this writing duo and I am amazed each time that their beautiful writing transcends so well into other world and stories too. Nothing can beat Kate Daniels though.

It is a testimony to how much I love this series that it has become somewhat of a ritual to read the entire series back to back in prep for the new release every year. I have already read till book 6, Magic Rises and suffering from a book phunk for the next month as no other book is able to hold my interest. I start DNF-ing books which I never do otherwise. I may also assure you that even if I read the series for the 7th time (it may have been the 8th time, who knows) it still manages to lace me in a strait jacket and refuses to let me go. I sneek away and avoid all social contact until the series is completed. Yes, I have contracted the Kate Daniels disease and I don’t want to be cured. 
Don't be fooled by the awfully off putting covers as the cover do not justice to what's inside them.

It is such a shame that the whole Kate Daniels series is not available in the UK(only the first few books are) and I keep struggling to acquire a copy for myself but I am hoping the publishers will be able to see a growing fan base here and pick up this fabulous, out of the world series.

So, if this doesn’t convince you to give this series a chance, them go to Amazon or GoodReads and see the tons of reviews from reader all around the world on how extra-ordinarily great this series and these writers are. Try it and believe me you will not regret it. 

Let's just say I cannot wait for Magic Breaks and if it was available in the stores here I would have been camping outside the stores or even the publishers office to give me an advanced copy.


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