Monday, June 2, 2014

Review: The Forever Song (Blood of Eden #3) by Julie Kagawa

Epic finale packed with action, blood and an invitation to a pity party
Title: The Forever Song
Series: Blood of Eden
Author: Julie Kagawa
Publisher: Mira Ink, UK
My ratings: 4 out of 5 stars
Released: 2nd May, 2014
Julie Kagawa has a sizeable fan following and after reading The Blood of Eden series I can see why. The Forever Song, starts off where The Eternity Cure left off. Allison Sekemoto, vampire, who had struggled throughout her existence with the monster inside her. Now that she thinks that Zeke is dead, she unleashes it with no second thoughts. Ruthless and cruel, Allison has decided to discard her humanity which she cling so desperately before and faces what really means being a vampire. She is on a mission to kill the crazy psychopathic vampire Soren.

Kanin, Allie and Jackal are still travelling together and looking for him and encountering the sick and twisted plans of Soren. Allison comes out stronger in this book. She is still struggling with her inner demons and after the events at the end of The Eternity Cure, she is still coming in terms with it and grieving the death of Zeke at the same time. At every point she encounters more death and destruction and I loved how her inner feelings would spill forth . She has come a long way from being the street rat to the strong vampire who has come out as her own self but I can still see the vulnerability hidden inside.

Saying that I still felt the story dragged at some point. Sometimes Allie’s pity party felt overwhelming and then Jackal would say something to make me smile. I love and hate him and I am pleased how Kagawa managed to make him multi-dimensional. Kanin is still the silent supporter, playing the role of father and mentor but I can’t help but think that he could have been so much more but somehow got boxed into a certain role and turned out to be a lot boring than I initially pegged him for.

There were some predictable plot turns and some unpredictable and unnecessary sacrifices. Those who have read the book will understand as I don’t want to spoil. While I had really enjoyed The Immortal Rules, the series’ hold on me has progressively dwindled. I felt that I could predict events, ‘plot turns’ and the surprises. The action sequences were well written and fast paced I felt some of the emotional scenes were cheesy and made me roll my eyes. At those moments I felt more in sync with Jackal than Allie.

The Forever Song is the epic conclusion to the Blood of Eden series, Julie Kagawa’s take on vampires. The world building was realistic, gritty, terrifying, with its dystopian setting which was vivid and dark. I do commend Julie Kagawa for writing a dark, unscrupulous action filled series which held no bars in terms of blood-letting and sheer gruesomeness. I could have been spared from the pity party at times but overall it was a good ending to a series which will keep you entertained with its setting, action and will make you ask question as to what makes you human.

ARC received from Mira INK via NetGalley


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