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Review: Forever Jack (Eversea #2) by Natasha Boyd

Jack is back and he won’t take no for an answer
Title: Forever Jack
Series: Eversea
Author: Natasha Boyd
Publisher: Headline
My ratings: 3 out of 5 stars
Released: 6th of December, 2013
After enjoying the light, fluffy predecessor Eversea, I knew what to expect from Forever Jack. But what is did not expect was a full out angst fest.

Forever Jack picks up a few months after Eversea leaves us. We get Jack’s POV this time and it shows how much he is suffering after his break up with Keri Ann. He is getting by and he full of this anger and frustration which he cannot vent. After a series of shocking events he is back at Butler’s Cove to grovel and get Keri Ann back. But she is feisty and after her heart break she has just managed to pull herself up and resists Jack at every step of the way. But as we all know all resistance is futile when our sexy, heart throb puts his mind into it. So he turns up in Butler’s cove and sweeps Keri Ann off her feet.

Elements which were not quite addressed in Eversea were dealt with such as dealing with Jack’s fame and the life Keri Ann wanted for herself. For some reason, I didn’t like Keri Ann as much this time. It felt while she was trying really hard to deal with her abandonment but I felt she was being stubborn and selfish at times.

While I really enjoyed Eversea it took a while to really get into Forever Jack. The angst had been dialled up and I think that is what bothered me a little. While Eversea felt like a fairy tale, Forever Jack had the elements of NA which I have come to dislike. I’m not saying it’s a bad book. No, it is an enjoyable book but it just felt that the author was trying really hard.

The thing that annoyed me that it was not enough that Jack was a famous movie star playing a heart throb in a movie adapted from a book but he turns out to be British and not just any random British bloke but part of the English aristocracy complete with a title and an abused childhood. Furthermore, I was still not quite satisfied by the explanation of as to why he really like Keri Ann.

Overall, Forever Jack is a worthy sequel to Eversea. While it touches upon a few pet peeves of mine it will be an intense read for readers who loved Eversea. It was emotional and well executed romance which will have readers sobbing their eyes out or fill with the satisfaction of have reading a journey of how two people gain their HEA.

ARC revived by Headline via NetGalley


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