Monday, October 28, 2013

Review: Haze (The Rephiam #2) by Paula Weston

Half Angels and Demons with katanas. Old you say? Think again.
Title: Haze
Author: Paula Weston
Publisher: Indigo, UK  
My ratings: 4 out of 5 stars
Released: 3rd October, 2013
After the incidents in Shadows , in Haze, we still not anywhere close to solving the mystery of Gaby’s resurrection and Jude’s death. She and Rafa are still trying to find the truth behind the mystery.

While I really enjoyed shadows Haze in comparison seems a little lack lustre. For me it lacked a certain oomph that Shadow had delivered for me. What really stood out for me was how slowly Rafa and Gaby seem to be getting closer but I felt it lacked the same tension that was in Shadows. New characters were introduced which added that extra layer on complication to the matter at hand. However, I'm glad that towards the end something which had been nagging me was finally resolved.

What I’m slightly unhappy about is the fact that everybody keeps saying how kick ass, dangerous and tough ‘Gab’ used to be and I cannot see even a sliver of that in Gaby. The mystery about why Gaby and Rafa fight is frustrating now and if it not revealed in the next book I’ll serious get annoyed with Rafa.

Regardless of my rants, Haze was a worthy successor of Shadows. It does suffer slightly from the ‘second book’ syndrome but I believe it all will get better in the next one.

It has action, mystery, excitement and characterization which are unique, strong and memorable. With its setting in Australia, it is a well written book way better than some of the Angel themed books out there. I think it needs more exposure and appreciation than it actually receives. It is one of the best Angel books I have read in the long time.

If you’re looking for your Angel fix look no more and grab the Rephaim Series now.

Releases 3rd of October in the UK 
ARC provided by Indigo books


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