Friday, July 19, 2013

Competition Accouncement

You guys probably know by now how much I love the books by Strange Chemistry.

I love that amongst the commercialisation of the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre since Twilight, it's difficult  not to get sidetracked into becoming main stream. Strange Chemistry manages to pull this off effortlessly, keeping the true spirit of fantasy literature and following the main stream publishing break through fantasy books that are not not only interesting but accessible to today's teens.

So when a competition came up I had to share it. I will  be taking part in the Control Blog Tour but before that kicks off, Strange Chemistry is runnning a compettion. Here are the details.

"To celebrate the release of Kim Curran's Control, Strange Chemistry are offering 5 Signed Copies of Control and Shift! To enter, all you need to do is tell us what embarrassing moments you'd change if you could shift! Simply tweet @strangechem and use the hashtag #Control to tell us what red-faced moment you'd like to erase. Winners will be picked at random; the competition is open to international entrants; and competition ends on 31 August."

Simple! So enter away for a chance to win signed copies of Control and Shift and keep your eyes peeled for the Control Blog Stop at the blog.


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